Fire safety critical to happy holiday season – Christmas


Fire safety critical to happy holiday season

Eclectic Volunteer Fire Branch Chief Michael Holton said the key to preventing break fires is moderation.

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“Don’t leave Christmas lights on all day and all night,” he said. “They neediness a resting period; the longer they’re on the hotter they’re effective to get, and they become a fire hazard.”

Holton stressed the same sentiment about candles. “Cause sure before you leave and before you go to bed that you extinguish all of your candles and elude putting them close to flammable objects,” he said.

In specimen of a holiday fire Holton urges residents to get out of the harbour. “Those Christmas light projector gifts can be replaced, but lives can’t be,” he said. “It’s not significance risking your life to try to put out a fire. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve got a smashing fire department with a lot of well-trained people.”

Follow these fire sanctuary tips to prevent holiday house fires:

• Don’t tiptoe away from a pot cooking on the stove or leave inflammable materials, such as potholders or paper towels around the stove.

Home Depot Lets You Trade in Burned Out Christmas Lights for New LED Lights

Christmas is coming, which means it’s time to get out the lights and plug in every string — and realize that half of them don’t work right any more. Fortunately, Home Depot is coming to the rescue, with a program that lets you trade burned out lights for long-lasting LEDs.

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We all know that you can’t deck the halls with iffy lights. But instead of tossing those boxes (and boxes) of old, burnt out, broken Christmas lights to the curb, do your wallet and the environment a favor by bringing them to your nearest Home Depot store. From now through Nov. 14, Home Depot will properly recycle the dim duds, and give you $3 off brand new, energy-efficient LED light sets that last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent lights.

The fine print: You can trade in your old lights for $3 off of a single-receipt in-store purchase of LED Christmas lights. Limit five discounts per customer. Still a good deal, even with those restrictions. Use the Home Depot store finder to locate a Home Depot near you.



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